Big Bang

Run What Ya Brung - RWYB

Friday Only 9.30am-5pm - £25 for unlimited runs

Track opening and competition times are subject to weather and track conditions.

Ever dreamt of being a drag racer? Ever dreamt of being able to go flat-out in your bug without fear of mowing down a child or cat? Ever wondered if you can get more than 50mph out of your campervan while it runs on 3 cylinders? Well now you can! That’s right, the most famous quarter-mile in Europe is open to you: the general public. Provided you have a driving licence and a car (or bus), you should be alright to get on the strip (see rules and regs below). It’s great fun, very addictive, and even the slowest of slow cars are suitable.


A RWYB Video Guide

Run What Ya Brung Rules & Regulations:

  1. A full valid recognised driving licence is required to sign-on.
  2. Seat belt is mandatory for your own safety.
  3. Helmets required for open top cars and vehicles doing 110 mph or more at the finish line. Arm straps may be required in open top cars.
  4. Before you go on to the track you need to visit the signing on office to sign a declaration form and pay your signing on fee.
  5. Please note that RWYB spaces are sold on a first come first served basis as we can only service a certain amount of customers on each day.
  6. RWYB is Friday ONLY.

Signing on Procedure:

Make sure you take your driving licence and cash for signing on.

  1. Walk over to the signing on office at the base of the tower.
  2. Present your driving licence and Signing on fee to the staff in the signing on office.
  3. Collect your RWYB vouchers, wrist-band, and vehicle movement pass.
  4. You may now move your vehicle over to the fire-up lane to join the back of the RWYB
  5. Once you have completed your runs, please
    return to your campsite or parking spot.

On Track Procedure:

  1. Attempt a burnout in the water patch under the tower when the start line is clear of the previous pairing. How you do this will depend on whether your car is front or rear wheel drive. This will help warm the tyres, and warm the crowd to you! Don't attempt to burn out in 4WD cars unless you know what you are doing… something will break!
  2. Roll up to the start line slowly when the starter beckons you forward. Try and stay roughly level with your opponent.
  3. As your front wheels reach the start line, a pair of orange bulbs will light on your side of the starting "tree" This means you are "pre-staged" and you are just inches away from being in the right position.
  4. Roll forward a fraction more, and another pair of orange bulbs will light below the first pair. This means that you are in the right starting position.
  5. When both you and your opponent have all staging lights lit, you are ready to go, so lift you engine revs, and get ready to drop the clutch…the starting tree lights will flash orange and then immediately green. Now is the time to GO! GO! GO!
  6. Don't worry if you mess it up- the starting official will help you do the right thing… keep an eye on him for direction.
  7. You can collect your timing slip from the signing on office. There is no charge for
    collecting your print-outs.

5 RWYB Tips for a Great ET:

  1. Avoid wheel spin on the run.
  2. Race on a warm, but not hot engine.
  3. Change gear as smoothly & quickly as possible.
  4. Remember to take the handbrake off!!!
  5. Avoid hitting the rev-limiter.

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